They/them ₍ᐢ..ᐢ₎
-My birthday is on april 11th!
-I don't like saying my age online, for now, sorry
- Howdy! im linter, I like to draw stuff that i like and i also like to design funky clothing very much :D
- I love videogames, they're very very important to me, yume nikki is my favorite game ever!
- a lot of things affect me a ton so bear with me

by: ticktockclockedits on tumblr

Do not interact

( In any way )

- basic dni criteria (racist, homophobic, transphobic, ableist, etc.)- Pro-ship / Pro-fic / Pro-ship apologist / Anti-anti / and all of the other things nasty people call themselves-fujoshi-If you sexualize children/teens fictional and real-If you sexualize aged up versions of characters that are canonically minors/teens or age them up just to sexualize them- nsfw accounts-support vivziepop

if you are any of those and still interact me, i will find you and i will have a brand new skeleton for the collection (◕‿◕)

Stuff that i like

( games and stuff that i like, might be forgetting some )

- Yume nikki and fan games
- invader zim
- Hollow knight
- monster high
- wobbledogs
- touhou
- deemo
- undertale/deltarune
- portal
- celeste
- strawberry shortcake
- space channel 5
- sonic
- shadow the hedgehog (2005)
- dreaming mary
- don't starve
- Little nightmares
- Rule of rose
- Minecraft
- Off
- Spookys house of jumpscares
- The Stanley parable
- Limbo
- Oneshot
- Mili
- Fireball
- Vocaloid

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